Legal Services That Address Your Family's Unique Elder Law And Disability Issues

The experienced Ann Arbor elder and disability law attorneys at Bassett Law offer customized, comprehensive, compassionate representation in these important practice areas — and have for more than 20 years:

Jane A. Bassett and a team of dedicated, caring lawyers employ a team approach to formulating elder law strategies that give your family confidence.

Elder Law

Bassett Law offers responsive, resourceful representation to clients responsible for care-related matters such as nursing home contracts, residents' rights, hospital discharge rights, home health care contracts, Social Security and Medicare matters, Medicaid eligibility, end-of-life decisions, elder abuse and exploitation issues and Veterans benefits, duties involved in being a fiduciary, and care resources such as nursing homes and assisted living centers.

We have our own goals for guiding you to a favorable outcome — primarily, giving you peace of mind about a course of action. We help clients to coordinate and access long-term care resources and services in a way that optimizes benefits, makes the best use of private resources and ensures quality of life for you, your spouse and your family.

Disability Issues

At Bassett Law, we explain how the law can actually be a means to help make life easier for the disabled person and their family. We introduce you to a variety of legal tools for preserving assets, leveraging  remaining resources and, in some cases, actually increasing monthly income, such as:

  • A special needs trust established to set aside assets that would otherwise work against a disabled person, and allow them to qualify for several different governmental programs such as Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and HUD subsidies.
  • Veterans' benefits, including Aid and Attendance programs and service-connected disability pensions, to supplement monthly income and pay for care.
  • The Home Help program to provide a monthly check that can be used to purchase home care services.
  • Private disability insurance, both short-term and long-term, through an employer or former employer.

Our law firm also represents clients with concerns about eligibility for the various Medicaid and Social Security programs. Problems could arise from having too many assets; "deemed income" issues; appealing a notice of overpayment; and return to work issues.

For Careful, Customized Elder Law Guidance Before Life's Changes, Contact Us

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