Experienced Fiduciary Services

Much of what happens in elder law situations — planning for long-term care, execution of the plan and a positive outcome for a deserving senior citizen — depends in large part on responsibilities taken on by a trusted fiduciary, or someone who stands in the shoes of someone else for purposes of helping them with their business.

If you are seeking a skilled, compassionate fiduciary to serve as a personal representative of the estate of a person who has died, or for someone who is no longer able to make their own medical decisions, financial decisions or manage their own trust, the skilled fiduciary services of Bassett Law can help.

Guardians, conservators, agents under powers of attorney, patient advocates, representative payees, trustees and personal representatives are all considered to be fiduciaries. A family member or close friend could be named a fiduciary in case someone is incapacitated. When no one has been named, or is willing to serve, our law firm can serve as a fiduciary.

Bassett Law Prepares Your Family For Life's Changes

We welcome the opportunity to step in when an elderly or disabled individual no longer has the ability to make financial or medical decisions on their own. People come to us with existing relationships, pets, activities, community supports and other facets of their life that are meaningful to them. These connections are important to the person's identity and quality of life. We strive to maintain these important elements and support, not take over, a person's life.

The individual is important to use. We start by asking the person to tell us what they want. We also gather information from key people in their lives, from evidence of how the person has lived, and from observations of items that they have saved. These help to guide us in making decisions about where a person lives and considering care options offered by medical providers.

Fiduciary services are provided through a team approach at Bassett Law, often involving an attorney, a social worker, a care manager and a paralegal. We have a 24-hour emergency line and immediate availability to coordinate with ambulance workers, emergency medical technicians and hospitals if 911 is called.

We can work out details of fiduciary services you need by discussing your issues at an initial consultation. Reach out to Bassett Law today by calling 734-930-9200 or emailing us online.