Get The Facts You Need About The Importance Of Medicaid Planning

When health problems loom for a family, the importance of preparation could not be more important.

Are you concerned that adequate supervision and medical care might be out of a loved one's reach, financially speaking? Frequently, misinformation is offered to families surrounding these issues. Even well-intending healthcare providers can get it wrong.

You can rely on us to provide you with the correct facts about Medicaid. Our skillful, knowledgeable elder law and Medicaid planning attorneys are here to help.

We are the lawyers of Bassett Law in Ann Arbor.

Medicaid was designed to provide health care coverage to those older than 65 or disabled and financially limited, as well as people who are not disabled but earn under a certain income threshold. A number of Medicaid and non-Medicaid programs may be available to those who qualify.

At Bassett Law, we pay careful attention to all details of Medicaid documentation, so you don't have to. We do the planning, the application and, if necessary, the appeals to help you receive the benefits you deserve.

Bassett Law In Ann Arbor Prepares You For Life's Changes

There are income and asset levels that must be met before qualifying for Medicaid or SSI, however, you don't have to spend all of your money, or even most of your money, prior to qualifying. This is where people are often lead astray. We can assist you in determining how best to allocate your resources and rearrange assets in a way that may qualify you for Medicaid coverage. This allows your needs to be met while also preserving assets for loved ones who may rely on those resources, such as a spouse, a dependent child or a disabled adult child.

If you need services or supplies as a result of a disability or aging, whether you are living at home or in a care facility, then Medicaid may be a program to consider. T However, there are so many if, ands and buts that it is almost impossible for a person to navigate all of the rules and make sure that the outcome is both legal and fair. That is where our team at Bassett Law can help.

These complex, often confusing criteria — such as different rules for the married and unmarried, and categorization of assets — are not always logical. We understand these rules, and ensure that you are clearly informed of, and carefully guided through, every phase of the process. One of our knowledgeable Bassett Law Medicaid planning attorneys will educate you, update you and advocate on your behalf. We also debunk the many myths and misinformation that have collected around the subject of Medicaid eligibility.

There are several completely legitimate planning tools that can help you preserve and stretch your resources, and still qualify for Medicaid. The sooner you contact us to discuss your situation, the more we can usually preserve for you.

We look forward to getting acquainted, and to hearing about your elder law goals, during your initial consultation. Call us in Ann Arbor today at 734-930-9200 or email us.