Respectful, Compassionate Representation For LGBT Law Issues

If your plans include marriage, separation, divorce, adoption of a child or modification of an existing settlement agreement — and you're wondering how Michigan law applies to your family — the compassionate, dedicated, experienced LGBT law attorneys at Bassett Law are here for you.

Attorney Jane A. Bassett has wisely, successfully counseled a wide variety of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender clients, in the wake of constantly changing laws, for more than 20 years. Her participation in a national network of attorneys puts our law firm in a unique position to partner with other lawyers when clients are moving from, or to, another state.

At Bassett Law we understand the diversity of our community and the uniqueness of every client who walks through the door. We design our services to meet your needs. Many families were formed prior to changes in the law now recognize their family units. Each state had their own laws governing marriage or marriage-like relationships and parental rights. Having a working knowledge of those laws and how they apply to each individual family is key to being able to fix problems created by laws pre-Obergefell and continued gaps in the law.

Transgender rights have lagged behind, but are finally showing some signs of improvement. Bassett Law understands Michigan laws affecting gender transition and gender identity, and draws from a nationwide network of attorneys on the forefront of advocacy in the field. Gender markers can impact the validity of a marriage, Social Security records, health care, driver's licenses, birth certificates, employment, public accommodations and housing.

Our signature firm-wide team approach to LGBT law, and the versatility of our legal knowledge, allow us to seek favorable outcomes by advocacy mediation, negotiation, and sometimes litigation. Along the way, you receive careful guidance through the legal process and attentive personal service, start to finish.

In Ann Arbor, Legal Services That Prepare You For Life's Changes

Bassett Law secures parental rights as you expand your family, and our ARTS practice (Assisted Reproduction Technology Services) provides advice relating to surrogacy. Bassett Law knows how to navigate dissolution of legal ties for relationships that no longer exist.

Bassett Law is here for you when legal issues impacted by gender identity or transition affect your life.

To learn more about our customized representation, tailored to your unique situation, contact us to arrange an initial consultation. Call us today at 734-930-9200 or email us.