Mediation and more -- The Less Expensive, Less Stressful Method Of Dispute Resolution

Have you become embroiled in a contentious dispute? Alternative dispute resolution is an option no matter what the topic of dispute - divorce, business partnership, real estate boundary issue, a will contest that has divided your Michigan family, guardianship, educational services, just to name a few.

If negotiations with other parties have been unproductive, and litigation threatens to become a lengthy, expensive, and emotionally draining process, you should ask about how mediation or another method of alternative dispute resolution could help.

At Bassett Law in Ann Arbor, we can tell you about methods of resolving disputes that work with the help of an experienced facilitator. Typically, the process is far less expensive than court proceedings. Participants are also much more likely to feel satisfied with the result because they have crafted it themselves, on their own terms and in a more timely fashion than the court process permits. Often, resolution hinges on creative solutions that benefit both sides and that a court would not be able to include in its decision.

Mediation is especially helpful in maintaining or rebuilding family relationships. It encourages a free exchange of ideas and sets a tone of cooperation for the future. In a legal context, mediation can go a long way to minimizing the potentially negative emotional impact of divorce on children.

Exchange Ideas, Take Control, Be Creative, Save Money By Mediating Your Dispute

For more information on how our compassionate, consensus-minded Bassett Law mediation attorneys can work hard for the outcome you need, contact us. We represent clients seeking to resolve a wide range of civil, domestic, probate and community disputes.

Even if you have already started litigation, you may seek mediation as an alternative to completing the process in court. Our in-office consultations allow all parties to be more creative and flexible than a court can be in structuring their resolutions.

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